Name: Flora Baker

Degree: American Literature with Creative Writing

Graduated: 2011

Current occupation: freelance writer and travel blogger

Flora is now a travel blogger and has won several awards for her writing.

Flora is now a travel blogger and has won several awards for her writing.

I spent a year studying in San Francisco as part of my degree, where I lived off campus in a shared apartment with a couple of UEA students. Living in the States for a year definitely impacted my current choice of career: after realising how comfortable I felt while living in a different country for so long, it meant that I was able to easily make a transition to constant travelling while juggling writing work at the same time. The chance to experience life abroad, particularly somewhere as politically key and culturally fascinating as America, was also incredibly eye opening because it gave me a year-long insight into how people in that part of the world behave. I was able to reconsider my perspectives as a result.

In terms of my degree, I noticed a definite shift in the enthusiasm, passion and interest from all my fellow course members once we returned from our years abroad; three hour seminars often segueing into four or five hour marathons as we simply couldn’t stop discussing the material. I believe whole-heartedly that this stemmed from our respective experiences in America, and the collective realisation that the topics we discussed were not just laid out in novels and textbooks but were very real situations, faced by Americans on a daily basis.

Since leaving UEA, I have been travelling and expanding my writing portfolio with various online work, both on my own site and for others. Making a foray into the world of travel writing, I am now living and working in South America, with plans to travel around the continent for the next year or so. My current base is in Ecuador, where I volunteer as an English teacher, and write extensively about my experiences at

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