Neil Kimberley 


Degree: American History and American Politics 1986


Year Abroad: George Washington University, Washington DC


Work History:  

Audio Engineer – Washington DC

Advertising Agency Account Executive – New York

Club Med Advertising Manager- New York

Promotion Agency Account Director – Westport CT

RC Cola Brand Manager – Fort Lauderdale FL

Snapple – Director of Marketing – White Plains , NY

Snapple – Vice President of Brand Strategy – White Plains , NY

Cadbury Schweppes North America  – VP of Strategy – Rye Brook, NY

Hershey Foods  – Director of Global Innovation – Hershey PA

Foods, Fluids & Beyond Consulting – Principal – Lancaster PA

Investor –


It’s quite simple. Without my UEA degree and my year abroad, I would not have the life I have.


The Skills

Fundamentally the UEA AMS evaluation process closely resembles how business really works. You are constantly challenged. You need to be able to analyze deeply, think critically, organize your thoughts and express them effectively – both in person and on paper.


But the most important skill I took from my UEA degree was the ability to think strategically. To identify the underlying cause of an issue that can explain an event or trend. It is the skill I use every day.


The Place

I went from rural Norwich to the urban diversity of Washington DC. The splendor of the Whitehouse, State Department, and IMF were next door: But so was the seediness of 14th Street.


DC has the energy of a global city. Bars, Restaurants, clubs – and political power. And while I did not get a congressional internship like most of my friends, I used the skills I gained working on ENTS at UEA to become part of the DC music scene.  DC also gave me the chance to sample real city life, and find the skills I would need later when I moved to New York.


The People

I made lifelong friends in DC. They were different, interesting and challenging. They encouraged me to take risks, and were generous and supportive.  It’s a unique network that I can always rely on.


The Possibilities

Perhaps the most important part of living in DC for a year (actually 13 months in my case), was that I was around people who inspired me to think that anything was possible. Connections could be made; people would give you the chance… if you could think critically, organize your thoughts and communicate effectively. They allowed me to build a career in marketing that has allowed me to see the world and hold senior roles at some of the largest beverage companies in the USA.



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