Lucy Edwards, AMS Intern

Lucy Edwards, AMS Intern

Hi, I’m Lucy the intern working on the exciting new AMS Employability Programme. I thought it might be nice to let you know a bit more about me and what I will be doing over the next three months as the project evolves.

I am a UEA School of Development Studies alumnus, so I have a good understanding of both student and post student life. This project is personally exciting for several reasons. Firstly, it offers me the chance to get properly re-connected with the university.

Secondly, my undergraduate and Masters Degrees also involved overseas trips, including Namibia and Uganda, to collect primary research for my dissertations. When I read the job advert for this post, I immediately thought how useful it would have been to have had a similar project in DEV when I was studying. Prior departure nerves and niggling questions are better settled by being able to talk to others that have had a similar experience. This project offers outgoing students that experienced support, with the chance to connect with both fourth years and AMS alumni before and during the study year abroad.

Thirdly, I know how the daunting nature of job interviews and job applications can cause someone to overlook the real benefits of their overseas experience; many may not even have realised the important skills that they have acquired. This can mean one ends up underselling oneself, thus stunting their employability potential. Like numerous others, I know too well how easily this can be done so, I am looking forward to helping students really make the most of their year abroad, during the year itself and for their future.

Finally, the approach to alumni involvement is appealing to me as a fellow UEA alumni. I like the fact that the project can be beneficial to all. AMS Alumni can become involved as much or as little as they like as the multi-layered nature of the project lends itself to this. They can write a small piece on the blog, attend the day of preparatory workshops in June or become a distance mentor. The project offers a chance for alumni to reconnect with AMS, network and socialise with fellow alumni, pass on their own valuable experience and enjoy being a mentor, whilst developing valuable mentoring skills. Involvement requires a very small amount of time for what we hope to be a highly rewarding end.

Over the next three months I will be working hard to make this all possible. I will be organising Saturday June 1st, which will include preparatory workshops, networking opportunities, and an evening social event. I will also be contacting alumni to inform them of this exciting AMS venture and providing opportunities for them to get involved.

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